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Ultimate Display System Pte Ltd, incorporated in 1989, is the leading supplier and manufacturer in the global market place for a wide range of modular sign systems and display products for commercial and industrial needs. Our products are widely distributed and used across many countries beyond Asia-Pacific rim. Indeed, our systems have been specified and used in the government sector, statutory bodies, educational institutions, large corporations, airports and mass rapid transit authorities in Singapore and aboard.


We offer a comprehensive array of more than 20 internal and external modular systems, suitable for use as advertising panels, lightboxes, architectural signs, directional signs, directories and landmark signs. Apart from these sign systems, the company also provides design and custom-built capabilities using high-end techniques such as injection-moulding or vacuum-forming methodology to design and fabricate POP and merchandising display/stands, rostrums, kiosks, street furniture, vehicle rooftop panels and other innovative solutions to meet clients’ special requirements.


Our rigorous design methodology, state-of-the-art products and clever use of technology and production methodologies have won us numerous awards and accolades from clients, many of whom are market leaders in their respective industries.

The SIGNAGE Specialist


At Ultimate, our experienced and dedicated specialists work together as a team. From designers to craftsmen, strong analysis and communications among the team carry out high-quality sign solutions all the time. Not only aesthetically pleasing and innovative designs, Ultimate always comprise dynamism in every project. Ultimate takes special attention to location technicalities to maximize operational use, user-friendliness, and hassle-free maintenance.

Design & Build

The design of a signage or sign system is critical to its success. Not to mention the signage or sign system have to look attractive, inviting, and readable, it requires to fit well with the surrounding environment and embody a positive expression to project the desired identity of the corporation.


Our installation service quality is next to none and we have vast experience in installing every type of signage in just about any site condition you could conceive. No application is too difficult as we anticipate every possible contingency at the design stage from input via our installation teams. Also, we obtain all permits and licenses from the various government departments to facilitate a smoother installation process.

Professional Services

Ultimate offers an extensive range of signage support services including comprehensive maintenance, application, and renewal of regulatory licenses. Ultimate also help in obtaining PE's certification for your signboard, advertisement sign, skysign, and landmark signage - you can certainly count on us to do a good job. Just focus on your core business – we'll take care of the rest!



A well-designed signage and wayfinding system radiates a sense of the place and contributes

to the personal well-being, goodwill, safety and security of the user in an unfamiliar environment

– all actions reinforcing the brand, site or location identities.




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